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Hank Lazer’s new book, N24, continues his fascinating investigation into the relationship between poetry and philosophy. By turns—puzzling and revelatory, now contemplative, now celebratory—this slender volume is both a disciplined re-reading of Merleau-Ponty’s core texts and a visionary re-enchantment of the written page itself. - 

The recipe behind Gilmartin’s projects seems to be this:  take five Emily Dickinson poems and rewrite them in three different versions, while keeping Dickinson’s form intact.  The poems Gilmartin chooses are “Further in Summer than the Birds,” “I Dwell in Possibility,” “Safe in Their Alabaster Chambers,” “Sang from the Heart Sire,” and “The Soul Selects Her Own Society.”  All the poems (except for “Alabaster Chambers”) have Dickinson’s typical hymn stanza.  

The allegorical framework of Megan Kaminski’s wonderful chapbook Gemology is the theme of an informed guide leading a mortal through a kind of labyrinth.  In this case the guide is a cab driver who maintains his silence; the mortal is the poet in the back seat, watching the world go past.