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Houston, texas

Little Red Leaves Textile Series is a tiny press with a mission to publish innovative writing in delightful little packages. 

Edric Mesmer reviews Prospectus for a Stage by Jared Schickling


a chapbook series by little red leaves

Edric Mesmer reviews Prospectus for a Stage by Jared Schickling

Dawn Pendergast

We'd like to thank Edric Mesmer for his always-thoughtful readings of the textile series. This time, he takes on Jared Schickling's textile series chapbook: Prospectus for a Stage. 

Hence, prospectus; thus advertisement. Advertisement for a staging that will necessitate mirrors, pattern, symmetries, and spacing—In other words, kaleidoscopic prose in which the dramatis personae are the issues of our day in guises from an epicurean’s wardrobe. (Picture Lucretius in your carpool...) Hence: thus: a nature of quotidian thinking amid current affairs: “China’s mark, Taiji, or the Te, in a Japanese village in ‘The Cove’ of reversal (a documentary) was the way, of the Tao, around that corner, sea turns red” (0016), bloodied by the necessity of its truth-telling. The sign by which this staging is underwritten may be Olsonian: “within five seasons, earth wobbling round its axis—the graphicized fibonacci of these tree rings no longer need distinction (or feedback, like ripples), the quadrant of one Mayan day-glyph approached it, the long arc curving by ninety degrees times four and flux”([0018])—mirrors, pattern, symmetries, spacing. And should you have thought the nature of thought that much changed, better attune your carpool’s wavelength to this “radio that remembers” (0003).

-Edric Mesmer. reviewed in Yellow Field 9. The Buffalo Ochre Papers, Spring 2014.