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Houston, texas

Little Red Leaves Textile Series is a tiny press with a mission to publish innovative writing in delightful little packages. 

Props to you, you F-ing poets.


a chapbook series by little red leaves

Props to you, you F-ing poets.

Dawn Pendergast


This is an infrequent letter from the Editor of the Textile Series addressed to all of those who submitted manuscripts to our last open reading period. 

I am overwhelmed. Not only did I receive TRIPLE the number of submissions that I usually get, but the quality of the writing is MILES above my expectations. THERE ARE TOO MANY GREAT manuscripts! Geez people. How am I supposed to decide? I don't know how to reject the dozens of wonderful projects stacked in front of me! 

For Christmas I want to give you guys a big hug and tell you that you're awesome and that you've ruined my December with your awesomeness.  You've also ruined 2014 because I will (no doubt) publish more books than I can handle and have a nervous breakdown in my sewing room. 

P-gast Out