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Houston, texas

Little Red Leaves Textile Series is a tiny press with a mission to publish innovative writing in delightful little packages. 

Shoutout: Crane Giamo on Delete Press


a chapbook series by little red leaves

Shoutout: Crane Giamo on Delete Press

Dawn Pendergast

Crane Giamo is a longtime favorite bookmaker of ours and we're happy to find that we are one of his! Below  is an excerpt from his interview with PSA. To read the entire (short) interview, please go to the Poetry Society of America website

What is unique about the chapbook form, or why chapbooks and not book-books?

I'm not sure about the chapbook form in general, but I feel that what makes Delete Press unique and allied with other presses is that, in terms of content, the poetry we are electrified by is active, attentive to the force of language, and I'd like to think politically progressive; in terms of form, our sensitivity to the materiality of the book as a physical object existing in the world. I like poetry injections in small doses. I like how certain chapbooks feel in my hands. Books circulated by corporate publishing houses are so slick and aseptic. And that's okay. I own those too. But if my apartment ever goes up in flames, the books I'm going after are those that have been handmade with an expenditure of labor that far exceeds the exchange value, the ones that can't be replaced.

Do you have a recent favorite chapbook from another press?

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Crane Giamo is the bookbinder, papermaker, and letterpress printer for Delete Press. He is the founder of  and currently resides in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.