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Houston, texas

Little Red Leaves Textile Series is a tiny press with a mission to publish innovative writing in delightful little packages. 

Textile Series mentioned in article on Small Literary Presses


a chapbook series by little red leaves

Textile Series mentioned in article on Small Literary Presses

Dawn Pendergast

Edric Mesmer gives a wonderful overview of the state of the small press. We've excerpted his thoughts about the textile series, but we encourage you to read the entire article

Somewhere between the limited fine arts edition and the small press magazine chapbook series falls a project like that from little red leaves textiles. Sewn in remnant cloth, issued in runs of sometimes only 50, each is a pocket-sized joy of small press endeavoring.

How, though, can this conversation be heard if the archive is not already in touch with one of the publishers or authors? The idea that all such networks are knowable forecloses the (quite accurate) possibility that many such networks exist independent of the archive and its ambassadors. Unless we were to presume, dubiously, that social networking sites have now made all poets (and their aesthetic oppositions) “friends” of the collection. But perhaps not all endeavors are meant to be knowable; this too is a resistance to commercial interest and institutionalism, as well a resistance to the inevitably knowable digital age. (And yet, the insidious commercial gamut of such social networking…)

In such an ignorant state, the future student of poetry would have to hope for the best of willed intentions on the parts of dead poets, who might bequeath their small press libraries to such an archive. Else, said future student will not discover how Jamie Townsend’s Matryoshka was sewn in floral remnants of autumnal hew, and how the publishers’ design wove blind stitch of flora-lineation through and among free-floating stanzas, revealing poetics of line and material sympathetically hewn.
— Edric Mesmer, To Anthologize the Now Perpetually: The Literary Situation of the Small Press and the Archive