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Houston, texas

Little Red Leaves Textile Series is a tiny press with a mission to publish innovative writing in delightful little packages. 


a chapbook series by little red leaves

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Steve Mentz Reviews David Hadbawnik’s Aeneid 3 & 4

Dawn Pendergast

This year’s installment is books 3 and 4, Aeneas telling the story of his post-Troy wanderings followed by his abandoning of Dido and her suicide. The two slim volumes with their small pages and short lines have a miniaturizing force, compressing the hero’s wanderings and queen’s erotic tragedy into sharply turned phrases and shocking revelations...

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Lisa Ampleman reviews The Aeneid—From Books 1 and 2. Translated by David Hadbawnik.

Dawn Pendergast

In David Hadbawnik's translation of the Aeneid, Aeneas describes the Trojans who flee after Priam's death as "pussies." He calls Helen of Troy "that bitch," and Hector, in a dream, says to Aeneas, "RUN / fuckhead." These are not the words of a stilted, archaic epic. This chapbook is faithful to the themes and plots of Virgil, but Hadbawnik's language makes the Aeneid entirely new, a la Anne Carson.  (Reviewed by Lisa Ampleman in Diagram 14.1)

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Stop by Little Red Leaves on a Snowy Evening.

Dawn Pendergast

It's winter and we know you'd just love to curl up by the fire with a cup of coffee (whiskey?) and some cozy chaps. That's why we're very pleased to announce our 2013 Winter Series featuring chapbooks by David Hadbawnik, Adam Fagin, Doug MacPherson, Matt Reeck, Forrest Roth & Dawn Pendergast.

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