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Houston, texas

Little Red Leaves Textile Series is a tiny press with a mission to publish innovative writing in delightful little packages. 



Adam Fagin
T's Alphabet by Adam Fagin
Amanda Davidson
Arcanagrams: A Reckoning by Amanda Davidson
Beverly Dahlen
Two Poems by Beverly Dahlen
The Rose by Beverly Dahlen
A Reading: Birds by Beverly Dahlen
Brad Vogler
Fascicle 30 by Brad Vogler
Brenda Sieczkowski
Fallout & Flotation Devices by Brenda Sieczkowski
Brooklyn Copeland
Ritualists by Brooklyn Copeland
C.E. Putnam
The Bunny Manuscript (Episode 3) by C.E. Putnam
Caroline Knapp
Facture by Caroline Knapp
Carrie Hunter
Scienza Nuova by Carrie Hunter
Charles Alexander
Two Pushing Waters by Charles Alexander
Some Sentences Look for Some Periods by Charles Alexander
Craig Dworkin
Remotes by Craig Dworkin
Dan Thomas Glass
Kate & Sonia by Dan Thomas Glass
David Hadbawnik
The Aeneid [from book 4] trans. by David Hadbawnik
The Aeneid [from book 3] trans. by David Hadbawnik
The Aeneid [from books 1 & 2] trans. by David Hadbawnik
David Leftwich
The City by David Leftwich
Dawn Pendergast
Croc by Dawn Pendergast 
My Speaker, She does not know whom to float to by Dawn Pendergast
Ephemera: Epithalamium by Paul Klinger and Dawn Pendergast
Doug MacPherson
Sheep Dip excerpts by Doug MacPherson
Elizabeth Robinson
On Monsters by Elizabeth Robinson
Emily Abendroth
NOTWITHSTANDING shoring, FLUMMUX by Emily Abendroth
Emily Carr
Stay this Moment: The autopsy Lyrics, Acts 3 & 4 by Emily Carr
Stay this Moment: The Autopsy Lyrics, Acts 1 & 2 by Emily Carr
Forrest Roth
The Sullen Pages: A Veneer Pastoral by Forrest Roth
Hank Lazer
N24 by Hank Lazer
Ephemera: Other Ends Pine & Gloss Slog
Ephemera: Let the Ponies Have Plenty of Room
Jamie Townsend
MATRYOSHKA by Jamie Townsend
Jared Hayes
Bandit by Jared Hayes
Jared Schickling
Prospectus for a Stage by Jared Schickling
Jen Hofer
Front Page News by Jen Hofer
Jen Tynes
Here’s the Deal by Jen Tynes
Jenn McCreary
Worrywort by Pattie McCarthy & Jenn McCreary
Jimmy Lo
A Reduction by Jimmy Lo
Joe Milazzo
The Terraces (Das Arquibancadas) by Joe Milazzo
John Harkey
Mask Work by John Harkey
Jonathan Skinner
Chip Calls by Jonathan Skinner
Julia Bloch
Hollywood Forever by Julia Bloch
Julia Drescher
Plural Bell by Julia Drescher
Kevin Holden
sublimation by Kevin Holden
Kevin Varrone
Eephus (From Box Score) by Kevin Varrone
Lauren Levin
The Lens by Lauren Levin
Lee Gough
Future Occupations by Lee Gough
Mac Wellman
The Rat Minaret by Mac Wellman
Mairéad Byrne
Lucky by Mairéad Byrne
Mary Kasimor
The Windows Hallucinate by Mary Kasimor
Matt Reeck
The Pastoral City by Matt Reeck
Megan Kaminski
Gemology by Megan Kaminski
Michael Sikkema
3003 Houses by Michael Sikkema
Misty Harper
Rose Incus by Misty Harper
Pattie McCarthy
Worrywort by Pattie McCarthy & Jenn McCreary
Paul Klinger
Mouthpiece by Paul Klinger
Ephemera: Epithalamium by Paul Klinger and Dawn Pendergast
Rachel Blau DuPlessis
Draft 108: Ballad and Gloss by Rachel Blau DuPlessis
Draft 96: Velocity by Rachel Blau DuPlessis
Sarah Mangold
An Antenna Called the Body by Sarah Mangold
Stephen Nelson
YesYesY by Stephen Nelson
Steve Gilmartin
Comes Up to Face the Skies by Steve Gilmartin
Todd Melicker
King & Queen by Todd Melicker
Trevor Calvert
North Gives Flesh to Wind by Trevor Calvert
rob mclennan
C. by rob mclennan